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Hoods Light
If you damage or receive scratches on your Monowheel Light™ you can replace one or two of the...
Only for Monowheel 2.0
A practical stand with a rubber foot for storing the Monowheel™ . Able to fold away. Weight...
Powerful high energy battery (Li-ion) for replacement of the power source in your MonoWheel™ 2.0.
Foot pedal
Fits Monowheel 2.0
Outer tires
Strong patterned XC wheels with friction -rubber - mixture for the best possible grip.
Inner tube
Strong inner tube with a valve if a n air-leak occurs.
Refill valve
Makes it easier to fill up your Monowheel™ with air in places that have large refill valve for...
Fast charger
A complete ly automatic , high ly effective fast charger that charges your Mononwheel™ in just...