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About us 

Monowheel.se is promoted by a company called Monowheel Sweden AB who are general agents and are responsible for Monowheel (TM) our aim is to present our customers the best and most enjoyable transport means that  is available on the market. Monowheel (TM) is a leading product on the market we work continuously to develop and improve our products. Only the best is accepted! 

"Swedens 4th coolest product of 100 chosen" 
The newspaper M3 gives Monowheel (TM) 9/10 points. 

"Guaranteed summer happiness!" 
The newspaper Metro gives Monowheel (TM) 4/5 in points 

Monowheel™ has it's office and where house on Prästkragens road 15, Saltsjö-Boo, Stockholm. From here the Monowheel is sent all around the world to happy customers. You are most welcome to visit us as long as you make contact us before coming. Test driving is organized prior to agreement. 

Company name: 
Monowheel Sweden AB 

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